Little Andi. Nile Street. The soundtrack of my babyhood.

My parents were refugees from Hungary. I don’t recall popular music of the time from my babyhood and toddlerhood until years later when I became a child. Then, the radio was tuned into the music of the day. As a toddler, my soundtrack was the Hungarian music my parents must have listened to when they…

Little Andie. Konini street. Juliska: Prima Ballerina of the kitchen.

The bread is dense and soft, while at the same time, strong enough to support the pile of scrambled eggs, now glistening with drippings, ready to eat. I marvel at how her eggs never get dry, they never get hard, and they stay soft and moist, no matter how long they sit on your plate.

Babies do remember..

What does a baby absorb and remember? I believe a lot more than we realise, but not in the way it’s easily retrievable. I have come to think that every minute of a baby’s life is imprinted with every word, sound, smell, emotion, taste of its own, it’s family and its surroundings.