The Proposal: Ken and Andie Story.

Today what we see as a romantic proposal, is a person, on one knee asking another to marry them. Cue acceptance, then the audience erupts with cheers and applause. The applause and cheers that accompanied my proposal, were for the gallant fire department, and the fireman who wheeled the gurney out the door (neither of…

Little Andie. Nile street 3. Church ladies visit.

We are not heathens, just from another country, not knowing English yet. We are the town’s curiosity, the zoo that people visit, to see how we live, what food we eat, and how we talk. Some visit regularly, especially the church ladies. They come to give us printed papers, single fold with Jesus’ stories and…

Andrea the Crone:  First Chakra 

I see the mind as the computer and the body as the hard drive. I saw it clearly in my clients, one after the other. Every emotion thought and experience gets stored away in this incredible machine, the body.  Each chakra is like a folder and holds the experiences related to it. 

Ken & Andie Story 9/9

Ken Andie part 9 Life went on as before. Working and sleeping, going out sometimes. It was difficult at home. I tried to stay away as much as possible. I missed my brother terribly. We were so close, I suffered with guilt. I had saved his life twice, but this time it was beyond me….