I have a quiet voice. People talk over me or don’t hear me.
I express myself through writing, art, and food.

The stories I write about myself are true. This is my life in words.
Past, Present and Future.

This is me
This is what I like:

The overwhelming smell in the center of a pine forest.
Beaches at night when the tide is completely out.
The smell of linseed oil, turpentine, and oils.
Fresh canvas.
The world after a lightning storm, especially the air.
Climbing trees, being with trees of any kind.
Paper, pencils, erasers, rulers, and school supplies.
Looking at photography
Setting a table.
Just being.
Conversations about ideas, philosophy, and the grand scheme of things.
Big rocks warmed by the sun in the middle of rivers
Fruit picked warm off the tree or vine.
Outdoor cafes.
Watching people, especially in outdoor cafes in little villages.
I love working with my hands. Cooking, painting, writing, and working in the garden.
I suppose most of all I

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