Then sings my soul….

Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee
How great Thou art, how great Thou art

“The next two nights were in Chicago and these are regarded as highlight shows of the year, with Elvis sounding very happy to be on stage and singing songs such as Fairytale, And I Love You So, Little Sister & great versions of Hurt each night. On the second night, Elvis did a roll on the stage during the finale of Hurt, seemingly to get the power from deep down inside him.”

My friend and maid of honor Annette were at this last concert in Chicago. Stage right, way up in the bleachers of the old Chicago Stadium. It was a steep look down, but we could see everything. Who didn’t love Elvis? “I can’t help falling in love with you” was part of the soundtrack when Ken and I met. He drove me in a beautiful blue Eldo Convertible, with a great sound system. I’m right there again, unchained melody and Elvis. The soundtrack of my late teen years.

Many years later, I made the pilgrimage to GRACELAND where he is laid to rest. The house wasn’t the palace that I had imagined as a girl, not that beautiful, but what will forever stay in my mind, we’re the endless hallways and rooms hung with Gold Records. The sheer magnitude of what he created and achieved is difficult to comprehend.

I wanted to buy every record in the gift shop, but there were none. A few towns over I picked up a cassette. Elvis has many sounds. He schooled his voice and worked on himself continuously. His range became operatic in intensity. From Graceland to Chicago, I belted and cried to “How great thou art”. Cried about the fact that we will never see him perform again. Cried that he will not add any more gold records to his walls. Cried for my selfish little self, because I loved his music so much.

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