My Vision for Education

It should be free. Free to anyone who is striving to learn and better oneself.

It does not need to be in a classroom:
Independent study can be solitary, but other subjects that need feedback from peers should be in a fluid warm environment, with not too many participants, so all can have their voice.

An apprenticeship will be highly valued, the teacher earning the utmost respect for teaching and guiding those under their care.

In this system, the one who has reached their pinnacle, will turn back and help others. Physically, monetarily, or through apprenticeship programs.

Giving back can be in the form of providing a space for interaction, providing meals, providing childcare, providing materials. There is no limit on how one can give to others. Encouragement, kind words, everything adds up and is important to bolster and guide the learning journey of another.

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I believe intuition will be the prevalent mode of seeking and finding, and of connection.
Intuitive communication will be foremost in the learning experience also, where the group communicates through dreams, their higher selves, and in the “classroom”.

Testing will be unnecessary, as the student will know when they have achieved mastery. The desire to move onward and upward will manifest itself, and the new course of study will be unfolding before them.

This is not a farfetched vision. All the tools are in place right now. Internet learning is here. Remote learning is here. It’s all here, except the desire to learn this way, or the acceptance that it is possible.

The only thing left to cause this shift, is for the teacher to step into their roles, and the student to find their teacher.

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