“Milkshake” the chicken

Milkshake was a White Marans Hen

Milkshake was never the strongest chicken, but she was holding her own.

I noticed her just sitting in the corner of the run alone. She was just spending too much time sitting in the corner of the garden. I thought I could revive her if I took her out into the vegetable gardens to forage alone with no other chickens to push her away.


She foraged as best she could, but didn’t seem to have much strength, not nearly as much as the other chickens.

Milkshake and Sammie

I took a friend out with her, hoping she would like the company. Chickens like to forage together, keep each other company, talk to each other. I think it’s a “safety in numbers” behavior.

Milkshake on my tricycle

Sometimes we rode out on my tricycle, she didn’t mind it. She was getting used to me and would come running to me as soon as she saw me walking towards the coops.

Milkshake eating yogurt and greens

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